Dare in Gris Dior

event type: immersive pop up, art exhibition
guest: press, influencers, VIC, consumers

creative direction, scenography, location scouting, artists curation, production, F&B, venue management, invites

Golden Mama designed for La Collection Privée Dior an exhibition and a pop up store in Los Angeles for the launch of Gris Dior fragrance.
Poster created for The Grey Zone exhibition, event created by Golden Mama for the launch of Gris Dior, from La Collection Privée Dior.
Set design of The Grey Zone exhibition enhancing Gris Dior fragrance with Ben Jonhston art work.
Thomas Trum art work displayed at The Grey Zone, the pop-up exhibition of La Collection Privée Dior in Los Angeles.
Ben Jonhston art work highlighting the Gris Dior Fragrance at The Grey Zone, the luxury event designed by Golden Mama.
Golden Mama imagined a Dior exhibition for the launch of Gris Dior by La Collection Privée in Los Angeles.
Posters of the Gris Dior's muses, Jenna Ortega, Fai Khadra and Maya Hawke displayed at The Grey Zone Dior.
Customization of the Gris Dior box, created by the artist Thomas Trum, design for The Grey Zone Dior exhibition.
Dior's dresses and bags displayed on a fashion wall at the The Grey Zone luxury event, created by Golden Mama.