Dior Backstage Pop up

event type: national launch & digital experience
guest: consumers
format: 6 weeks, 5 cities

creative direction, concept, scenography, location scouting, production, F&B, invites, social contents, dedicated website

A Dior pop-up in Marseille's Vieux Port designed specifically by Golden Mama for the launch of Dior Backstage new make-up line in France.
Dior's travelling pop up in Paris, in front of Saint-Lazare train station, designed by Golden Mama, for the launch of Dior Backstage.
The Dior Beauty pop up in Cannes designed by Golden Mama for the launch of Dior Backstage.
Make-up table to test the new line of Dior Backstage make-up products in a pop up created by Golden Mama
A woman testing Dior Beauty's new make-up line named Dior Backstage in Paris.
Virtual reality experience for visitors of the Dior Backstage pop up in Nantes, imagined by Golden Mama.